Smiles For Life Club

Iowa Falls Family Dentistry and Ackley Family Dental are now offering our exclusive Smiles For Life Club to all of our patients. Designed for patients without dental insurance, this club membership guarantees to save you money on your recommended preventive maintenance schedule alone.  It will also give you access to across the board discounts on all services in our office.

 We understand that dental care without insurance can be an expensive burden, especially to those on a fixed income.  That's why we developed the Smiles For Life Club to make preventive dental care a low annual fixed expense, with no guessing about what it will cost you.

How It Works

After paying an annual membership fee, you will be entitled to the following preventive care within 12 months for no cost:

  • Two exams (1 comprehensive and 1 recare or 2 recare)
  • Two dental cleanings (prophylaxis or periodontal maintenance)
  • One set of BW (cavity detecting) x-rays
  • Two fluoride varnish treatments

In addition, you receive a 15% discount on all other services in our office.  This includes fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, extractions, sealants, additional cleanings, gum treatment, additional x-rays,  root canals, teeth whitening, etc.

What It Costs

For a single patient, the annual membership fee is $339.  This is less than the cost of one preventive recare visit with exam, cleaning, x-rays and fluoride. 

A second family member costs $289 and additional family members are $190 each.  Dependent children are eligible as family members until they turn 26.

 How To Sign Up

Contact the office to let us know you are interested in the Club Membership.  You will be asked to sign a membership agreement form.  You can pay the fee in person, through the mail or through our secure patient web portal if you are enrolled with it.  The membership fee is due in full at your first covered appointment and can be renewed annually for as long as we continue the program. 

We reserve the  right to terminate club membership at any time at our discretion due to multiple missed appointments, repeated tardiness to appointments, failure to pay for services under our office policy, or for other reasons.