implant-supported dental bridges

Should You Pay More for Implant-Supported Dental Bridges? | Iowa Falls IA

Are you struggling with tooth loss? Perhaps you’ve changed the way you smile and laugh to conceal the gap in your teeth, or you’re having trouble pronouncing some words or enjoying your favorite foods. Whether you’ve lost one or more teeth to trauma, age, or tooth decay, your dentist may recommend bridgework such as implant-supported dental bridges to fill the space and restore the full function and aesthetic of your mouth. 

Dental bridges are a common treatment that allows you to maintain the proper alignment of your teeth, which in turn helps to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy through your normal oral hygiene routine. They provide you with one of the most affordable, permanent tooth replacement options, making your mouth feel whole and normal. 

Cost of Dental Bridges 

There are different types of dental bridges with varied costs depending on, among other factors, the type of dental materials used and type of bridgework used. Porcelain or zirconia are the most common materials, and can be nearly as expensive as gold. But the materials are tooth-colored and look like your natural teeth, which makes them a popular option. Moreover, they’re very tough and durable, giving you a long-lasting replacement tooth. 

Whichever material you use, the type of bridgework will influence your cost of treatment as follows:

  • Traditional bridges are supported by two teeth that need to be prepared to accommodate abutment crowns that hold up the replacement tooth. It is the most common procedure, and the cost should be paid in full or partly by your dental insurance plan. 
  • Cantilever bridges are only supported by one tooth, but use a similar process to traditional bridges. They may be slightly cheaper than traditional bridges, but won’t be as strong. 
  • Resin bonded bridges don’t require abutment crowns or preparation of adjacent teeth to support the pontic. However, they are more expensive than the other two options.
  • Implant-supported bridges are also expensive because of the additional cost of placing dental implants. The need for additional procedures in order to restore your complete smile will add to the total cost of treatment. With implant-supported bridges, you need to visit a dental surgeon for the placement of the implants. Any other dental specialists that you visit due to other dental complications will also increase your total cost of treatment, but it may be necessary to ensure optimal results. 

Want to learn more about dental implants, please schedule an appointment with your dentist in Iowa Falls to design the most suitable treatment plan for your needs and budget.